“Don’t say anything”

So, i was trying to figure out where to write this on. Im already using blogspot for music-related posts, tumblr for the cover video notes. So i thought i’d try something different here.

Then, i remembered i have a wordpress account that i never really used before so here i am. so here are the notes from the recent happenings of life. Mostly, this post would be for my reference… and for your totally unrelated, pointless and leisure-time reading.

this was uploaded a week ago from the date of this post. and well, its just been a rush from then.

to be honest.. it has been just overwhelming. i don’t really have an idea how to write this down. but i’ll start with being thankful.

i thank God for the idea to begin with and the stupidity i have to act on it. im thankful for all the laughter it has brought, i really am. im so grateful for every single post, share and retweet on facebook and twitter from friends, family and people i have no idea of. and everyone who commented, liked and rated it on facebook or youtube. THANKYOU.

i know. im aware that this video is riding on the hype of the “Sh*t ____ Says” meme. but from where i am right now, looking at how it has “performed” has been amazing (to me, at least).


So. The people involved in this video, were, for the first time, more than just me.

Raffi has a brilliant eye for shots. I am a person who literally does not know a single technical technique or term, other than “okay it needs to look like this, from this, with that and that” + a few hand gestures. and he interpreted it perfectly. This video wouldn’t look the way it is if it wasn’t for his careful eye and meticulous shots. *salute* Thankyou for sitting down for so so long and editing each frame with me second by second. Your patience is amazing.


Of course, this video would be the first milestone of a new friendship with Sam. he contacted me a while back and asked for pointers with videos and vlogs. i literally have no idea how to teach any of that but i said id share what i know and can. after thinking up the idea and talking to Raffi about it, i called Sam and asked whether he would be interested to join. and that was history. Dude, thanks for being a sport. And for all the spamming and publicity you’ve done for the video. Totally grateful man.


One of the first major panics in the shooting of the video was finding the girl to play the part of the silhouette of the girlfriend. Seriously, WHO would just wanna stand around, just showing their back and have hardly any face time. That was the first major bump in the planning process – finding someone who would. Right up until the last minute, we had pullouts, cancels and all of the sort. But really, to our relief, Lynn agreed to shoot in one single phone call and my gosh,  she played the part perfectly. Thank you Lynn!


i have to say its been pretty fun having a “team” to work with for the first time.

So, some points for myself to take note of.

  • the importance of saying “take #” in each shot.. should never be undermined. for ease of audio and video files.
  • good amount of shots taken this time round. could have taken more… okay should take more next time round.
  • good idea to plan specific venues next time
  • note sharing times
  • leave space for YouTube annotations. not a priority, but some importance should be placed

the next few pictures are just a momento of the mind-blowingness that has happened. im going to be very blunt in stating things as it is, so forgive me. i am truly ecstatic regarding what the following pictures will show.


on Google. we managed to top the youtube video results.


in YouTube, we managed to top the search results for the title of our video.


and the day finally happened when i would see this below the view count. man.


and we also got featured on some random websites (which i know of)

which was pretty crazyawesomemadcoconutscownutcool COME ON u gotta admit that. ok fine, even if i had no idea what these websites were, its still kinda cool.

… ok i apologise. this pretty much feels like a spaz-of-joy post. forgive me.



a while ago  (yes, i don’t actually hover over the youtube page every other second), i checked the video and we just passed the 50k mark. and that is just unbelievable.

and most of all, the YouTube community in Malaysia is alive and well. Small, but growing. and i couldn’t be happier. hello to all fellow Youtubers! 😀

yep. the pressure is on to make something else, original, new. minus the help of an internet meme, im sure there will be a downturn of views. im very aware of that.

but man, what a way to kick off 2012.

thanks for reading!

ming out

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2 thoughts on ““Don’t say anything”

  1. JenSningg says:

    You did a great jobb 😉

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