MSN & a new short

a few days ago i woke up to a few posts on my facebook wall. so i pressed my phone a few times and it didnt really make sense to me at first. i had to open my laptop and to my surprise..

MSN’s Malaysia’s Frontpage 2 days ago!

ok. there’s only so much a person who has been awake for 5 minutes can process and this was definitely over 9000.. .. ok #baddragonballpun

nevertheless, it was a BIG surprise because the people who contacted us from MSN only mentioned we would be featured on the video tab. thankyou very very much!!



on another note, Valentine’s Day is comin’ up. Bryan and I wrote up something for the occassion. although, we’re not too sure it’s gonna make it in time for Tuesday.. so, it might just be released after or.. before.. or during.. or a week after.. we’ll see. (i love my planning)

BUT in the meantime.. here are some shots from the crazy full, 12-hour-long shoot yesterday. big many thanks to YauHui for all the pictures

okay that’s all for now.



i’ll write something more “complete” when the video’s up. i hope it’ll turn out well. feeling pretty nervous about it. and pretty looking forward to showing what we cooked up to you guys.

its gonna be the first ever short. EVER!

alright, til then! cya guys!

ming out


4 thoughts on “MSN & a new short

  1. Joel says:

    Hi, saw your video on Facebook and looked up your channel, good stuff! I’m Malaysian too, studying in the UK now. I’m quite curious, where did you get your accent? Haha. Are you planning to pursue a career in film making like WongFu? Good luck man! Malaysian pride.

    • maxamroth says:

      hey Joel! thankyou very much for coming all the way here. haha. i got my accent from practicing proper enunciation for years. literally. im doing this (truly) for fun now but if it allows me to, why not? thankyou very much once again!

  2. Mewl says:

    I love your planning too 😜

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