Alone, Forever? – the idea & WFP-relatedness

hey everyone! so. first things first, let’s get the obvious out of the way.

Does this video have anything to do with WongFu’s “Strangers, Again”?


And no. Here’s why.


The idea actually started totally unrelated to anything to do with anything that Wong Fu has produced. A week before Valentines day this year, Bryan and I were talking about whether or not we’d want to do something for Valentines day. (Yes, that’s how delayed we are. Heh heh) Bryan suggested something about the whole being “Forever alone” and I thought it was a great idea and set straight out to writing up a script. The original script did not have any of the “Stages” in the final product. It was simply a story about a guy being who gets friendzoned, forever alone-d and the likes of that. We set up the logistics, shot the video (for 12 hours in a row, might I add) and got that all done.. until it reached the part of filling in the blanks – the narration.

All that, is the “No” part of the answer.


I honestly can’t remember how long i spent writing and rewriting the script for the narration. I kept feeling that it was.. messy. All over the place. And I didn’t want to put out something that didn’t express what it should or in essence, convey the story I wanted it to tell. After the 5th time rewriting a two page long script, I called a time out. And like all asian YouTubers (or me at least), in times of inspirational need… it was time to watch WongFu. I have always loved “Strangers, Again”. And as I just watched through it, I thought..

“Hey, isn’t this just the same for someone going through an unsuccessful relationship as well? Can I adjust the script to stages?”

It was. And I could. And it fit perfectly. I realised the connection people might draw to WongFu’s video with the use of stages but in entirety, it really set the format of the video in a more easily understandable way. And that was the risk I took because the script was something I genuinely wrote myself. Telling the story in a similar way WongFu did, there was that danger of “copying” or “immitating”

So “Yes”, WongFu’s Stranger’s Again definitely helped inspire me to restructure the video the way I did.

I hope that clears things up a bit! The whole script was totally homegrown, self-made and DIY-assembled with all originality intended. The stages were totally inspired by Wong Fu. And that is what went on.


I can say that the final “stage” of the video was an absolutely original idea. I definitely wanted to have something that spurs people on in the video. Unlike “Strangers, Again”, I wanted this to end on a happier note. To inspire hope in hopeless situations. Before it had the name “Stage 6: The Escape”, it literally was called “The Escape” and it was at that  point I felt that.. okay, this needs more structure.

Nevertheless, I do wanna say that WFP will always be a great inspiration and motivation to me. So here’s to them and their amazing work.

I’ll be back more with stuff about the video, the people and everything else later! Thanks for reading guys! 🙂

ming out


9 thoughts on “Alone, Forever? – the idea & WFP-relatedness

  1. TianChad says:

    I can spot “My name is Jin” and Meme proposal in your video. Nice editing that matching with the music too =) Looking forward for more original videos

    • maxamroth says:

      jiM. haha. i apologize if that was pronounced poorly. but im really glad to see you picked up on those points! thank you very very much! 🙂

      • TianChad says:

        Haha I know you pronounced jiM. Just that if put jiN can related to someone else =)Good to know someone looking for you for video production already. All the best!

  2. Eris says:

    I love your vids. Keep it up. 😀

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  4. lepaker1n says:

    hi ming – are you based in Malaysia? Would love to meet up with yo on possibilities of video productions for our TV shows. Can call James at +60128733755 or email us at

    Talk to you soon!


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