The Web Series Begins!



Why? This is why.

There’s only been a total of 2 short stories on our channel. “Alone, Forever” and “The Last Part”. So we thought we’d bring back Jim in this web series, and tell one more of his stories. In particular, one that has a touch of… wonder.


This story starts off with Jim trying to figure out what to do. Its the first time a girl has talked to him, what more give her number to him. Usually, things like that don’t happen to him… at all. Add on the fact that its the same girl he’s really had his heart for, for quite some time now, the chances for this are mathematically impossible. So does he call her or not? Does it mean what he wants it to mean? Or should he just condemn himself to a fate he’s used to all along and not realise something he’s NOT used to has just happened?


Jim deals with a situation most of us always tell ourselves..

“when the time comes, we’ll know what to do” or “hey, when it happens, it’ll happen”.

But when the time DOES come and what it DOES happen, honestly? Most of us don’t feel up to it. We don’t believe in it, or maybe don’t even realise it has happened. We tend to find SOME reason to put down ourselves instead of rising up to the challenge and seizing what we’ve been hoping for all along.


Jim doesn’t deal with not knowing what to do. Instead he deals with the lack of courage to do it. It’s not that pushing a few buttons takes a high IQ and genius intellect to carry out, but it does take a huge heart taking hold of what has been a wish or hope for a long time. That’s the reason why, he does what he does. Now will he have the courage to change that? Or not?


Get the drift of the web series’ title and theme yet?

Well, you have 5 more episodes to :p

Oh yeah, and there’s a disappearing guy with a broom too. Just sayin’.

Hope you enjoyed the video guys! Share it around please! It’s a first of its kind for us and we’re excited about it! 🙂


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