“How do you know if a guy likes you?”

I actually have so much I personally enjoyed putting into this episode, I’m gonna try and take it point by point. Here we go.


Meet Sarah

So in this episode, which is relatively longer than the last two (we hope you’ve noticed that!), we finally give a whole introduction to Sarah – that girl we’ve been hiding since the teaser.

So as the story goes, Sarah’s the one who asked Jim to help her out with some school work. As much as I’ve approached the story from a guy’s point of view, I thought it would be good to throw in another perspective – a girl’s.


Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 5.27.38 PM


The story, as it goes now, portrays Sarah finally meeting up with Jim for, well, math. Sarah’s done something out of the ordinary. She’s asked a guy out, or actually started doing so in her own way. It’s so out of the ordinary, her best Lee (played by Nick) is having trouble trying to figure it out as well.

Sarah’s done her homework (Metaphorically speaking. She still needs help to do her literal homework), she’s made her move and now she’s at that place wondering the same thing Jim is “what’s he thinking?”. For Sarah, she takes it one step further, “how do you know what the other side is thinking?”. It’s pretty interesting, isn’t it. How we humans seek to always worry about something, when there’s nothing else to worry about.


I think its safe to say that we all can find comfort in that one fact – the other side is usually always thinking the same thing. Or they’re pretty much as worried as we are. So just maybe, we don’t have to be too nervous about worrying what the other one is thinking of us. Most of the time, everyone’s worried about how they’re doing themselves. Solution? Do what you gotta do at that moment in time – what’s needed to be done. And the rest? Well.. we’ll get to that soon enough.



Vanes in Dreambitious’ “Surprise”!


Sarah’s character is played by Vanes, a very sweet girl and (crazy) friend which I had the chance to meet during the Berjaya Youth Film Festival 2012 that I submitted “The Last Part” for. If you’d like to, she’s actually done more videos with a channel called Dreambitious so do check them out! 🙂 They’ve put out quite a few videos already and they’re pretty good stuff!


“Yes, I Am A Guy”

I grew up reading all kinds of manga (Japanese comics, for those who don’t know what that means) that featured the lead character’s father as some sorta crazy, whacky and somewhat hopeless person. And well, along those lines, meet Sarah’s Dad.


Sarah's Dad. Played by Colin Kirton

Sarah’s Dad. Played by Colin Kirton


He’s the kinda dad that doesn’t really know how to go about explaining to his kid why girls do this or guys do that, explaining relationships, love or explaining anything at all… and he kinda has moments when he talks to his late wife.

…Yeah. I wouldn’t really call him the most normal person either, but when he needs to be, he proves himself worthy of having the title “Dad”.


When it comes to matters of the heart, our actions speak louder than words.

I’ve always been a firm believer in this. That no matter how much we hide it, what we do is always true to what things are really like deep within us. We can’t run too far from what makes us who we are. Most of the time, we find out what people are really like by what they do, not by what they talk about. And I feel, that’s something we all should watch out for. Regardless of circumstance. It’s a piece of advice that has served me very well, and I thought that it would be something worth sharing too.

Colin was very gracious enough to be a part of this project. He’s a theatre actor and leads a group called the Footstool Players. I was very blessed to be a part of his crew for a while. I learned tonnes watching his team act and most of what I’ve been able to see in their work, I’ve put into my videos. Do drop by his page and send him some love!



And… there’s Lee. But I think I’ll save him for next time. Haha.

Thanks for reading this far, if you’re still there! 🙂


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