Really knowing someone

So, what’s the deal with Lee?

Basically, Lee is Sarah’s good friend. He’s in the same classes as her but he’s never really taken much notice or more care than he has to about her social life in school. Well, until now that is. All of a sudden, some new guy has got her attention and its not really the kinda guy Lee expected it to be. What does he do? Well.. now we know.


“Guys will be guys”

I quite liked writing that phrase into this episode because it sums up so much of what many of us do – guys and girls alike. I believe most of us, or at least more than I would like to believe, do things with the best intentions in heart. Although, its not often that most of us sit down to figure out whether those ‘best intentions’are actually only for ourselves.


There’s not really a mild way to dumb down the word “hypocrisy” but, I’ll try calling it self-deceit… or maybe just ‘fooling yourself’. Like Lee with the excuse of ‘doing things for a good cause’, sometimes we take fooling ourselves a step further. We place our own darkness on others.

“Every fight comes from the fight within” – The War Inside, Switchfoot

Many times, our way out from our darker side is to put that blame on other people. Why? Just so it doesn’t seem like we’re the one at fault.



If on the inside, we’re at peace with a certain issue, it shouldn’t bug us even if it happens on the outside. But when we aren’t, no matter how we try to hide it, it’s gonna show in what we do towards other people. The insecure project their insecurities onto others. The jealous blame others for their jealousy. Its an unhealthy circle that starts and ends with the demons we face within.

And that’s what Lee faces this episode. He has the best reasons, the best excuses and hey.. he’s even in the best position to do so. Plus that surprising coincidence when they saw May together with Jim, what chance does Jim have on getting out of this?


Yeah, sometimes even the most unfortunate things fall beautifully into place beautifully. Things have worked out amazingly well for Lee’s plan.


But the question now stands, what’s next?

What benefit has he brought in the end?


… guess you’ll just have to tune in next week to find out :p


3 thoughts on “Really knowing someone

  1. Sara Soo says:

    the suspense is killing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  2. Pynk says:

    I love the series! Keep up the good work! :))

  3. Joanna TM says:

    Great job and very true…

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