I used to be a “you”


By far, this episode was probably the most challenging to write. The penultimate episode of the web series which had to tie up most of what’s happening before, and what’s going to happen – both seen and unseen by you, the audience… for now.

It was also challenging because this episode had the most loopholes and missing gaps to fill in. Up until I managed to sit down with Nick during the time when I was getting the cast members selected, and we just talked about life. It was during those talk sessions we had over coffee and during the recording sessions – when I managed to fill in the gap of Episode 5.


“You Didn’t Do Anything”


Even the best intentions should be questioned sometimes. Lee’s done what he thought he had to do. He protected his friend, right? And now he’s faced with Sarah just wanting to be alone.

Most of us have the best intentions, with the wrong methods, most of the time. But that’s not really what matters. We’re all humans, we do that a lot – they’re called mistakes. Its what we do AFTER that, that defines the kind of person we are.


Lee’s come face to face with his past. A feeling he never wanted to remember, a person that reminded him of himself – who he never wanted to face again. And all that created was not the passion to protect a friend, but rather the hate and disgust of what he used to be. And maybe, he’s just realised that, because he’s been too used and too comfortable to who he is.

Every now and then, the only thing that makes us check ourselves – where we are, who we are – is the pain of a person. Be it our own or someone else’s. But making a move about it? That’s the scary part… and it’s also the part that matters.


What This Meant To Me, Personally


This episode was a joy to create with the team. A joy to write, score and act out. Its a character interaction that I find is very rare, almost too rare, in shorts nowadays. A whole episode about things that nobody wants to deal with. About just a couple of guys being real.. with themselves and each other. Its a tone and vibe that I personally, just wanted to make. Because I loved it, because I wanted to and I was able to. I’m not saying that the web series isn’t an expression of what I wanna create, but I must say that this episode was one that I was looking forward to share for more than a dozen reasons.


But this is the kinda thing I wanna strive for in this scene. There’s too much of sappiness and shallow hype going around that we’re all too used to. Episode 5 was THE risk for me in this web series. And it has also become one of my personal achievements. We had Nick lend us his amazing acting talent. We had an amazing venue. And last but not least, we had nothing short of an amazing crew to create the visuals that we took. I can only thank these guys so much before they start throwing things at me, but that’s how much I appreciate them making this happen.


Well, here’s to 5 episodes. Phew! We made it this far. Just onnn.. wait, I hope you’ve watched the later part of this video. Have you? :p


2 thoughts on “I used to be a “you”

  1. Sara Soo says:


  2. Tanya says:

    Thanks for these Director’s notes, Ming! They really help us to ‘connect’ with the episodes.

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