The Thank You-s, Debriefs and Loopholes

Its come down to this. Jim’s all out of ideas..or is he just not thinking about the ones that he knows he should be?

He’s gotten all the help and pushes he needs, and now he finds himself literally standing at the door. So.. what does he do now?

The Reason Why

Ultimately, more often than not, we tend to look for reasons for the things we didn’t do, for things we never did. But when the time comes to look back, more often than not, those reasons were just excuses for ourselves not being able to step up to a chance we did ACTUALLY have, a chance we always wanted and has finally come…


It seems that Jim’s just made a big round from day 1. He’s found himself back at square one, but why? Like the waiter said, maybe we just let things get in the way. Many times, when our heart isn’t anchored on a resolve, a purpose, a reason.. we easily get swept away by doubts, questions and the smallest of worries.

The Waiter reminds Jim of having courage. He reminds him that, usually, some of us need that bridge to cross over – from refusing to know because we fear we’re not enough, and hide behind our excuses… to stepping up and taking hold of a resolve.

Sometimes, all we need is courage to get to that reason. That’s why taking a leap of faith is called a leap, not a hop.

The Thank You-s, Debriefs and Loopholes


And with a warm but heavy heart, we’ve come to the conclusion of our first ever web series. And if you’ve been reading till now, I want to say thank you so much. We had no expectations of what the response would be like for something as risky as taking on a web series project. And you guys blew our minds.

Now down to some serious stuff. As a home-grown team, I can only do my part to show our own country and (hopefully) the rest of the world what we independent, small time, amateur, YouTubers are capable of. The rest? Is up to you guys. How far we go from this, is how much we get support. And the support we get is simple – its that share button of yours. If you could help us just spread this around, it would do the team, the channel and the videos, wonders. And that’s all we can ask of you! 🙂

As for the rest… You should know I love leaving blanks in my story writing. And you can be sure I’ll be doing a commentary on these loopholes. I just hope you’ve been watching closely.

Whether or not you recognize her


Or remember these…


Its really interesting to see people having their own theories and comments already about these small things. And hey, I’m gonna enjoy those too until I’ll give my side of the story 😉 So forgive the lack of explanations… for now.


Here’s to what’s to come! 🙂 Thank you everyone for staying with us this far!

Thank You God for seeing us through!


4 thoughts on “The Thank You-s, Debriefs and Loopholes

  1. Dominic Ng says:

    Love it! Will definitely share. Good job Ming…

  2. Aaron says:

    The small things!!!! I got them! Great job with foreshadowing those two things 😀

  3. siuu3p says:

    Great job on the series. I watched all the episodes from the beginning. Nice foreshadowing. And what’s with the bell? And when did Lee’s shades get broken?

  4. ziphon says:

    that was a great series. can’t wait for season 2 😀

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