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Updates | Arden Cho!!!

Hey everyone! It’s been quite a while since the last post and I thought I’d update things here a bit to get things up to speed.

things have just been awesome, i’ve been able to meet so many new people and so many new things have been opened up. but really, it all comes back down to all of you guys who’ve watched and decided to click that “Play” button in the first place. i cant thank YOU enough.


Okay, first up..!

theLIFEpad interview.


We were really fortunate to get a call from a company called Live & Inspire a few weeks ago. They’re setting up an online series called theLIFEpad which will feature many different people who do many different things that expresses their individual creativity. Their tagline? “provoking potential + celebrating inspiration”. So when we heard that, we were more than honored to have been featured in the premier episode of the series. Thank you so much for having us guys!

In between, we’ve met many new people. Had the chance to be invited to different projects, events and collaborations. Some of them, bigger than we ever thought was possible. At the moment, I don’t have enough info or am I allowed to share details of it butI thought I’d just let you know to be on the look out for things! We’re pretty stoked, and at the same time, stunned.


If you’ve seen the latest vlog that I put up, you’ll know I mentioned something called the WiWongFu campaign. In short, I’m trying my best (as a fanboy) to get the video passed to WongFu so they can see it.

I’ll be honest, I am very touched by all the people who’ve actually helped out. The tweets, the posts on their wall.. I couldn’t be more thankful for all you guys. Really!

So far, I haven’t heard anything from them yet. But last night, I thought I’d try something else instead and well.. it turned out to be just.. wow.


Around 3am at night, I was still up working on another script for an assignment.. and browsing around on youtube of course. Then, I watched a familiar video with a familiar face. One which I’ve been a fan of and I’ve followed her videos and covers all over youtube with many different youtubers. And I thought.. hey, why not give it a shot. What’s the worst that could happen? So..


I honestly did not know how to say anything else but to be just.. well, bluntly honest. After that, I turned off my laptop and got ready to sleep.. Until.. my phone started lighting up. After a few buzzes.. I literally had to bite my pillow to stop from screaming when I saw this in the comments..


I literally just zoned out of existance for a while. And right after that, pass it along was what she did.


Having this from someone you admire and respect for what she does, throw in a huge fanboy element… My family should be thankful I didn’t end up burning down the house at 4 in the morning.


Arden, if you’re reading this, I am so so entirely grateful for this. I’ve never even thought about or even hoped for such a reply from you, but if it’s possible when I go to LA, I’d like to take you up on that offer! Very much so. If you’d still like to.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely, Ming.




Well, life’s back to uni-work. And it’s been just nuts. Before the next short comes out, I’m gonna try and do something different for the channel so stay tuned alright? I promise it wont be (that) bad (I hope). Please don’t mind the lack of updates! 3rd year in my degree is a pain!!

Take care guys! I’ll be seeing you soon!

ming out


MSN & a new short

a few days ago i woke up to a few posts on my facebook wall. so i pressed my phone a few times and it didnt really make sense to me at first. i had to open my laptop and to my surprise..

MSN’s Malaysia’s Frontpage 2 days ago!

ok. there’s only so much a person who has been awake for 5 minutes can process and this was definitely over 9000.. .. ok #baddragonballpun

nevertheless, it was a BIG surprise because the people who contacted us from MSN only mentioned we would be featured on the video tab. thankyou very very much!!



on another note, Valentine’s Day is comin’ up. Bryan and I wrote up something for the occassion. although, we’re not too sure it’s gonna make it in time for Tuesday.. so, it might just be released after or.. before.. or during.. or a week after.. we’ll see. (i love my planning)

BUT in the meantime.. here are some shots from the crazy full, 12-hour-long shoot yesterday. big many thanks to YauHui for all the pictures

okay that’s all for now.



i’ll write something more “complete” when the video’s up. i hope it’ll turn out well. feeling pretty nervous about it. and pretty looking forward to showing what we cooked up to you guys.

its gonna be the first ever short. EVER!

alright, til then! cya guys!

ming out

‘F’ to the ‘A’ to the V-day

Today has probably been the most rushed script-writing day. Ever. One evening of planning. Before, over and after a banana leaf dinner. Run-throughs. and bam. we cooked up something we can smile about (to ourselves)

Bryan and I thought we’d wanna do something for valentines day coming up. and.. somehow, we managed to pull together a little something. So here’s just a little update about it. We’re gonna try something new and well, we hope it works out.

*fingers crossed*

we got a new face to show! ..or faces.. depending on who confirms in the next 2 days (yup, that’s how we roll. last minute ftw)

plan: to have this up by the 13th or on the 14th itself.. okay maybe the 13th’s a better option

cya soon people!

ming out