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The Treasure In Creating

I love that feeling of creating something that takes yourself on some unknown journey into that creation. You know what you want, but you have no idea how’s it gonna be from where it begins to where it ends.

I love how along that way, you find what you lack, what you’re not good at, what you missed or didn’t see, what you never knew or did not expect to happen.

And because of that and because of how much you want to see the birth of what you’re creating, you persevere and endure that. You overcome.

And in that journey of creating something new, you create something new in yourself as well.

The end product is something that is now truly, part of you and what made you, you, in the end.

I love that.

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What Makes “The Last Part”

I thought I should take a while to address the newest video we made.


First off, yeah, its not on our channel. Haha. I managed to complete this script about a month ago and we shot it for submission this month for the Berjaya Youth Film Short Film Competition this year. And finally, they released it just over a day ago. The theme that they gave which I felt I could reinterpret was “BFF”. And the line that went through my head at that term, best friends forever, was something I’ve read off wedding cards one many times before.



We initially shot this at the beach. I wanted a very beach-party type of feel, with the serenity of the waves and glowing sun. But to our (horrible) shock and surprise when we reviewed the scenes a few days later, there were major dust specs in all the scenes. Some sand or dust particles got into Bryan’s camera and wasn’t visible on the small LCD screen. We panicked, like crazy. And we literally were talking about giving up this entry all together. But thankfully, we managed to secure the 2nd setting (as you see in the video) a few days before deadline. Then the mad rush to complete it started again.


Since it went up, I’ve been getting responses that warm my heart.. a lot. From couples holding each other through the video to seeing those together sharing the video to each other and talking about it. To people who find hope in this in their current situations, who find strength or who find the determination to never give up. Or just those who really uplift my spirits with tremendously kind words.


On a personal note, this project bared my heart. It is how I wish the world interpreted the word “forever” when it comes to things that involve the dynamics of the heart. Compared to past videos, I’ve poured an extra ounce of my own life into this. I’ve written each line with conviction and with each line, I try to show what I believe love, friendship and commitment should be. This story is written off a true story. To me, at least.


Regardless of how the ending is for each of you in your own lives, I believe that this standard of love should always start with us. And I urge you to pursue that relentlessly, because it comes around. Its more than being just “the last part” of the term BFF, its what gets you to that last part in love in life. Will, resolution and determination to never give up. Good things are always worked for, cared for and preserved.


You make the last part. You and your partner at least. It is the dedication of both of you, personally, that will carry you through to forever. Don’t be discouraged though, should you fail a few times. Its human. But never change that resolution for anyone or any mistake.


And that’s what I interpreted ‘Best Friends Forever’ to be. Its only the best that stay till the end. And for those who stay forever, treasure them with all your heart.





P.S. As a wongfu fan, you can’t believe how much I was freaking out when they announced they were releasing a short called “The Last”. That pretty much sums up the same thing minus the marriage factor.


P.S.S. Yes. I am still, freaking out.


P.S.S.S. You can help by voting for the video here! 🙂 We need your votes to win an online category. Help us out please!!

2000 Subscribers | Coverjam #1

In good YouTubing tradition, I felt like I had to make a thank you video to celebrate the 2 thousand subscriber mark..

well, its also because I missed the first thousand and I felt bad. I’ve had really little time to do anything nowadays, but I managed to get things together for an hour to record this. We tried our best to make it happen… So I really hope this made up for it! Hope you like it guys!


Big shout out to TalonPhreak for being the 2000th Subscriber!! You rock!! 🙂


And really, to everyone else. Thank you.

I’m not sure who knows about it.. But the current video channel, which this blog stemmed from and were all those videos are posted was something that I started as a side project, for fun. I started YouTubing with a “Musician Channel”. I still have problems labeling myself as such, but I posted up covers and stuff.. Really simple ones. Mostly as projects for me to learn how to use recording equipment, which I still don’t know how to use..yup.


Charis has been a very dear and close friend for many years now. I can almost call her my sister in arms when it comes to anything YouTube. We’ve done covers and performed together before and I’m just so very glad that I could have had her in on this one. So stop by her channel or her blog and say hi!

Well, I’m gonna be quieter for the time being. Thesis, assignments, exams.. you name it, I’ll be doing it. But I’ll be back! Promise!

Thank you again everyone. You’ve made such an impact on a single life, its amazing to have all of you here.

ming out