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“More Than…” by Skyward – Our first ever MV

Life’s been really hectic for quite a while, and this post has been long long long overdue. But before the webseries’ release next week, I knew I needed to put this out.

As part of a bigger initiative I set out to fulfill by creating the webseries project, one thing I had in mind was to create an original, accompanying soundtrack as well. I’ve always wanted to put out some original music but never knew what to start with, or where to start. I guess, with this webseries, I had the perfect reason to start with SOMETHING.


One of the scenes from the webseries that Nick’s character, Lee, is in.

When Nick came on board as one of the actors for the webseries, I had just lost a means to record the music and sounds for the webseries. I was planning to wing it on my own. Knowing Nick had some knowledge and experience in recording and mixing music, I asked him if he could help me out by teaching me how to record some simple acoustic tracks more.. properly. Before I knew it, he generously offered to record, mix and produce the music of what you’ve just heard in the video above.

So here’s a big thanks to you Nick! And The Factory Music Studio for allowing us to record there!


Here’s when we get a bit more personal for a bit. I hope you don’t mind that, but I’ll try to explain it as simple as I can.

Most of us claim ourselves to be hopeless romantics. Some, more than others. And other’s not as much. But I believe within us all, there is that one desire to find that one person – who will just be absolutely, or for a more pop-description, perfectly – perfect for us.

“More Than…” stems from the discovery of that person. When we actually do meet him or her, we find that most of our expectations are blown out the window. Past hurts and scars make total sense and maybe we even understand why we had to go through what we did.

We find ourselves face to face with something we never knew we wanted, but more than what we actually need. And because of that, we wanna be more than what we are for that person – to be more than we believe we’re made to be.

I believe that’s what a significant other should do. Spur you on to be better in all aspects, to grow to be more than the person you believe you are. And accepting that hey, maybe we all deserve a little more than we’ve under-credited ourselves to have.

And that’s pretty much what the song is about. Acknowledging the past, learning and moving from that for a better present and making way for a better future… relationship-wise of course.

Never thought I’d start out Skyward‘s music with a love-type song but hey, where the wind blows I go. Haha!

Before I go, I just wanna give a shout out to INTI International College Subang Campus as well. Dr. Dominic and Claudine, you’ve been the best. Thank you for being so gracious and believing in what we do. For allowing us to use your campus. Thank you.

At one of our recent gigs.
Photo Credits to VinceLoh Production

AND thank you to EVERYONE who made such a great response to the song.

To those who ACTUALLY sang along when we performed it live, I cannot begin to explain to you how overwhelmed I felt on stage. Its gonna be something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

So stay tuned guys! We’ll be seeing you real soon!

Webseries premieres this Monday!

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